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Hospitalsconsultants – book your hospital stay in the best hospitals in France and the UK!

If you have a condition that needs treating but the NHS waiting times in your local hospital are just too long, there is an alternative. Hospitalsconsultants, a new booking service for hospital stays and procedures, offers a selection of procedures and treatments from trust hospitals, private clinics and other healthcare providers in London, the rest of England and across the Channel.

Bexhill hospital is currently rated as one of the best hospitals in the UK according to both patient reviews and the assessment of bodies such as the Care Quality Commission. It is just one of over 100 hospitals and clinics which can be contacted via the Hospitalsconsultants internet site. Total knee replacement surgery, inguinal of femoral hernia repair procedures and hip replacement surgery are all available at this hospital.

The Clifton Park Hospital, seen in the photograph below, is also highly recommended for its excellent levels of care and cutting-edge technology.




This particular hospital is in York, but Britain’s top hospitals ( are located right across the country, from Ipswich Hospital in the east to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital in the west, the Royal Surrey Hospital in the south and Sunderland Eye Infirmary in the north.

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