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Has DBV-Technologies got allergies on the run?

French company DBV-Technologies is set to make waves in the world of immunotherapy, with its revolutionary research into allergy patches.

The 20th and 21st centuries have seen allergies take centre stage as a health issue. Fairly prevalent allergies cover everything from nuts and eggs to shellfish.

DBV Technologies is now leading the way in combatting certain allergies through the Viaskin Patch (

The Viaskin patch is a simple adhesive patch worn on the skin. The main parts of the patch revolve around its metal backing (PET titanium), breathable over-adhesive and adhesive crown.

The thinking underpinning the Viaskin patch might surprise you by its simplicity. Tiny amounts of the relevant allergen are sprayed upon the patch in an even coating, which then dries.The ultra-hydration of the skin by the patch solubilizes the antigens. They pass through the skin into the Langerhans cells and the tolerization of the body to the allergens in question can start.

This method is being trialled in various versions, including Viaskin egg.

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