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DBV-Technologies’ epicutaneous approach to allergy treatment

The DBV Technologies website is the place to be for those interested in new approaches to treating allergies. It showcases this French company’s new epicutaneous treatments, which take the shape of different patches, called ‘Viaskin’.


Millions upon millions of people all over the world suffer from allergies, including allergies to pollen, house dust mites and animals. Food allergies are amongst the most common allergies and encompass everything from white fish, crustaceans, eggs, nuts and cow’s milk protein. DBV-Technologies is interested in tackling some of the best-known food allergies the epicutaneous way, in other words, through the skin. You can see here  for more information on how the firm has developed a possible treatment/diagnosis tool for milk allergy.

The Viaskin patch is straightforward in concept (an adhesive patch which delivers an antigen to the wearer’s body through the skin). However, the technology needed to manufacture said patches is anything but low-tech. The electrospray illustrated below is a crucial component of this process, being used to spray an electrostatically charged stream of allergens onto the patch’s backing in an even layer.

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